Saturday, May 19, 2012

Possible Delay in Blogging

Well, worse has officially come to worst. My laptop is beyond use at this point. I handed it over to the concierge at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and after they spent the day working on it they said that basically the best they could do was going to cost me so much (to get it fixed in the next week before I leave Tokyo) that it wasn't even worth it. So I stopped at the Apple store in Shibuya and picked up a wireless keyboard to go with the iPad that I fortuitously begged work to give me before leaving on this trip. In pricinple blogging on the iPad + keyboard is about 90% as easy as doing it with a laptop EXCEPT for the pictures. Those are a massive pain in the ass of epic proportions. I'd rather do a good job with the blog than a half-assed one with no pictures. The next two posts are already done and queued, so you'll definitely get a little Hong Kong. And I'm going to play around with a few blogging apps to see if I can't find something decent. But there was likely to be a bit of a break anyway, as I am totally in love with Tokyo and I expect that the next eight days were going to be tough to find blogging time during anyway. Rest assured that I will continue to update both the relevant threads on Flyertalk and Disboards whenever I update this. If there ends up only being a week pause, so much the better. If it has to wait until I get home in a month that'll just build suspense, right ;) The easiest thing to do is probably to subscribe to the blog so you can get an e-mail whenever a new post comes up. Thank you all for reading - there are at least two more posts on the way and hopefully when I get to Seoul for a night I can find a computer at the Hyatt Regency and get to work. I am still going to write up my day's activities every night so that things are fresh. Looking forward to seeing you all (virtually at least) when I pick this back up. Stupid Dell.

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