Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick programming note: sorry for the delay!

Hi all six of my loyal readers (hey, that's up from four!). I was doing good at keeping a post-a-day pace. Then I hit Tokyo DisneySea. I forsee days of 8A-10:30P touring for the rest of the week. Look for a return to a daily schedule as we move into next week. Should be able to hopefully keep it close to daily for the next thirty five posts or so after that.


  1. Hi Gooner,

    We'll be here when you come back ;-) We can read "Repeats" until then.

    Really enjoying your Trip Report so far and I can't wait to read more.



  2. Nope you have more than 6 loyal I am one of them,lol great so far can't wait to read more.


  3. Thank you both. Knowing that people have been reading and enjoying this has been a big help in getting over the writing hump. I've got another one of those 36 hour travel days coming up starting on Sunday, so I expect I will get a bunch written and ready to post at that point. After all, if I'm not sleeping on a plane I've got to do something, right?

  4. I love your Trip Reports and I can't wait for the next one. I'm certainly getting ideas for our next trip ;-) Your pictures are great and you are an excellent writer.

    I would recommend that when you are done you actually post the TR to Flyertalk (Not just links) as people will benefit and with Google Searches you'll get tons of traffic. Start a Fresh Thread.

    I lost track of where you are Gooner but I think this is what's coming up?


    I did ICN-NRT recently on United and FRA-ICN on Asiana both in First. If that's your flights you are in for the time of your life! Ask Asiana for a spare Pajama as they are my favorite. If FRA-ORD is on Lufthansa first you're in for a treat in the First Class Lounge or First Class Terminal. It ROCKS and I think they are much better than ZRH's FCL. Make sure you have a Shower/Bath and ask for a Rubber Ducky pair (Male+Female) You can keep them. Also the FCL in CDG is quite nice with it's Mini Courtyard.

    Enjoy !!!!! I sure am enjoying reading.


  5. That's a great idea about posting the full TR. I'll definitely do so once I've wrapped it up.

    I'm just finishing up Tokyo and I leave for the NRT-ICN-FRA-CDG 48 hour deal tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to the OZ ICN-FRA trip. The FRA-ORD is a bit down the road but I'm going to definitely grab every rubber ducky they'll let me get away with!