Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mega Trip: The Index

Welcome anyone coming in from Million Mile Secrets. Welcome anyone coming in from anywhere else, too, but you've probably been here before. This trip report is like a crash on the side of the highway involving two tiny cars full of clowns: it's amusing, it's awful and you wish you could look away or at least stop laughing because your significant other is judging you. Enjoy! I think I found my voice once the trip started, so those tend to be a bit more amusing (though maybe less informative) than the earlier stuff.

Index of trip-related posts:

1. The Itinerary
2. How the @*&! Can You Afford That?
3. [Travel] Planning the Trip: Airfare
4. [Travel] Planning the Trip: Hotels, part 1
5. [Travel] Planning the Trip: Hotels, part 2
6. [Travel] Planning the Trip: How to be a Jerk
7. [Travel] [Disney] Day 1: Go West(?), Young(ish) Man!
8. [Disney] Day 2: Disneyland, Napa Rose and the Greatest Gift a Man Can Get
9. [Disney] Day 3: More Disneyland!
10. [Disney] Day 4: Final Day at Disneyland
11. [Travel] Day 5: From Anaheim to Chicago
12. [Travel] Day 6: Hong Kong the Long Way, Part 1
13. [Travel] Day 7: A Day in Zurich...or at Least A Day in a Lounge in Zurich
14. [Travel] Day 8: Zurich to Hong Kong and the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui
15. [Tourist] Day 9: Welcome to Hong Kong. Would you like an Octopus with that?
16. [Disney] Day 10: Hong Kong Disneyland: It's a (VERY) Small World After All
17. [Tourist] Day 11: Central Hong Kong: Peak to Harbor
18. [Tourist] Day 12: Finally, Some Nature (and a Delicious Meal)
19. [Tourist] Day 13: I Don't Want None Unless You Got (Pork) Buns, Hon
20. [Travel] Day 14: From Hong Kong to Tokyo
21. [Tourist] Day 15: Living Large in Tokyo (as if, at 6'1, I had any choice)
22. [Tourist] Day 16: More of Tokyo
23. [Disney] [Tourist] Day 17: Total Eclipse of the Heart...and a First Exposure to Tokyo DL
24. [Disney] Day 18: Tokyo Disneyland. Why is it so Awesome?
25. [Disney] Day 19: The Day Theme Parks Were Ruined Forever, aka Tokyo DisneySea
26. [Tourist] [Disney] Day 20: A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That in Tokyo
27. [Disney] Day 21: One More Day in Tokyo Disneyland
28. [Tourist] [Disney] Day 22: A Last Day in Tokyo
29. [Travel] Day 23: Goodbye Tokyo, Hello Seoul (or at least your airport)
30. [Travel] Day 24: 30 Hours of Monday, From Seoul to Paris
31. [Disney] [Travel] Day 25: Disneyland Paris and the Hotel Val d'Europe
32. [Travel] [Tourist] Days 26 - 29: So, This is Paris, eh?
33. [Tourist] Day 30: First Time in London? What Else Would I Do? To the Emirates!
34. [Tourist] Day 31: Yet Another Cathedral. Oh, and Some Stones
35. [Tourist] Day 32: Getting From One Part of England to Another
36. [Tourist] Day 33: Canterbury Tales (sans the Miller)
37: [Tourist] Day 34: Visiting the English Channel
38. [Tourist] Day 35: London Calling at the Top of the Dial
39: [Tourist] Day 36: Now That's a Castle
40. [Tourist] Day 37: Winston Churchill and Sunday Roast (not at the same time)
41: [Tourist] Day 38: A Last Day in England
42. [Tourist] [Travel] Day 39: Touring Frankfurt
43. [Tourist] Day 40: Heidelburg, It's a Hell of a Town
44. [Tourist] Days 41 and 42: A Whole Lot of Rain (in Germany)
45. [Travel] Day 43: Lots of Lufthansa Love
46. [Tourist] Days 44 and 45: A Little Bit of Chicago
47. [Disney] Days 46 and 47: A Very Wet Trip Around Walt Disney World
48. [Disney] [Tourist] Day 46: The Chef's Table at Victoria & Albert's
49. [Travel] Summarizing the Trip: The Final Post

So what can you expect in the pages that (hopefully) will follow? Not much. Because if there's one thing I know about myself it's that I hate writing. But I really want to force myself to do this right because there were so many trip reports that I benefited from when planning this vacation. Now that I have an adoring audience willing public a group of people I tricked into clicking on a link and reading this, surely I will feel ashamed enough to keep this up. We shall see!

When all is said and done the report will probably have at least 40 posts. Each post will be tagged, both in the index and elsewhere, with some indication of which audience it might be appropriate for. Since I expect the readership will be composed of friends and family, Disney fans, frequent flier fanatics and Chowhound readers, I will generally tag them with either [Disney] for Disney-related parts of the trip, [Travel] for air and hotel reviews, etc. Feel free to comment whenever you like. I promise to moderate them like I'm Kim Jong Un. Awww yeah, timely political commentary bonus.


  1. I was linked here from Million Mile Secrets and just finished reading your first 6 posts on planning your trip. I'm contemplating a RTW trip within the next few years, and have been collecting miles/points for a little over a year now. It's great to see someone else's hard "work" in the miles game come to fruition. Great stuff, and I'm looking forward to reading all of your trip reports.

  2. Welcome, Matt! I can say with some confidence that this trip was one of the coolest things I've ever done - although if I was doing it again, I'd probably go for a bit shorter than six weeks. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Well, considering much of this was written on a tablet, I hope you enjoy reading it much more than I enjoyed writing it!

  3. hi- will you be doing anymore blogging?

  4. Hi Kitty. While I will post any future trip reports here (there will be one in August, one in September, probably a few more next year) I won't be starting any regular blogging. Everything I'd think to blog about is already being done by others and they are doing a much better job of it than I would!