Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Tourist] Day 33: Canterbury Tales (sans the Miller, thanks)

Hah - today I slept until 5. That's like at least a little bit later than 4:30, so take that. The plan for the day called for continuing my world tour of cathedrals by heading into Canterbury. The town is only about thirty minutes from the house and, as seems to be true of pretty much all of the south of England, the drive was quite scenic.

We found a car park near the center of the town and headed out for some exploring.

I have no clue what Girlings sells and that's probably for the best
It turned out to be Market Wednesday, which sounded quite exciting until you saw that the "market" was five or six stalls selling utter crap. Whoops!

If only I played Warhammer I'm sure this would have been a big moment for me
Strolling around the high street revealed glimpses of the famous cathedral. The town center was busy for a Wednesday morning, with lots of foreign tourist groups. Stupid foreign tourists. Oh, wait, that's me isn't it?
The cathedral looks like a 2-D backdrop in this shot

Sausage inna bun

This is an adventure I would like to have

Signs of the Jubilee
Around 11 we decided it was time to head into Canterbury Cathedral. You'd think with this being my sixth major church in a week I'd be about done with them, but each is unique and each is pretty damn amazing considering the scale of them.

So much charm; so olde worlde

What? No Swedish? Awful. Or should I say hemskt.

Just a gorgeous cathedral. One of my favorites.

Statues? We've got statues.

Contemplating how they built this 800 years ago just makes my head hurt.

Canterbury Cathedral has several claims to fame, but the major one is that it was where Thomas Beckett was martyred. There are scattered references to him throughout the cathedral.
Poor Thomas Becket: first he's killed because of an order of a king and then hundreds of years later his body and shrine are destroyed by the order of a different king.

Looks comfortable

Oh that's who they are

You like what you see?

After finishing up a tour of the cathedral we continued our wanderings around Canterbury. The town is just full of surprises, including buildings that are six or seven hundred years old right next to more modern ones.

Hidden Mickey?

What the hell? The Pilgrims left Plymouth, which is nowhere near Canterbury.


George Washington saved the children, but not the British children

Just an awesome building

We stopped into a bit of a chain pub for some lunch. The pub's food and prices clearly target the large student population in town but that meant it was hearty and cheap so no complaints here!
Really cheap pub food, but still tasty


Well, it's at least Ye Olde Pizza Hut

Nothing says "Middle Ages" like Angry Birds?

By this point in the trip I needed a haircut. This would be my first (and possibly last) time visiting a Turkish barber.
Let's give it a shot, shall we?
Things that I was not expecting in that haircut include:
1) A bloody torch being used to burn off some of my hair
2) A straight razor in some very scary areas, scenes of Sweeny Todd going in my head.

Other things I wasn't expecting:
I desperately wish I could go to Lockbuster Video
We returned home post-haircut and I got some trip reporting done. We then had yet another delicious homecooked meal. I could get used to this!

Not the standard appearance for guacamole, but very, very delicious

This cake? This cake was ungodly good. Lucy cooked it and it was amazing. Rhubarb and ginger with polenta. Mmm.

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