Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Tourist] Day 36: That's a Castle

The weather had turned quite pleasant today, though it was still windy enough that a trip to the tallest of the cliffs of Dover seemed like a bad idea. I was enjoying the history of the region, but had no desire to become part of it as the dumb American who gone blown over the cliffs.

My first duck eggs - excellent!

What the heck?

Nah, it's cool, you go ahead and take up all the road you need

Our first call on this Saturday morning was at Bodiam Castle. It was quite a drive away, especially as we took the scenic route, but it was absolutely worth it. My previous post about charming and quaint? That post now seems quaint in comparison to the quaintness of today's villages. This is the most confusing paragraph ever written in the English language and you can thank me later. But I could absolutely see myself living in one of these villages if it wasn't for the fact that you'd be an hour from anywhere else.

Pastoral perfection

Errr...duck egg breakfast...awkward.

The shell of Bodiam is remarkably well-preserved and made it a fitting castle visit. If you are ever in the area it is worth the detour: 


Like a postcard, if the postcard photo was taken by a drunken six year old. I'm not good at this "framing" and "centering" stuff.

GIANT DUCK Oh god I'm so sorry about the eggs.

I almost wore the same thing; that would have been awkward.


Not the greatest for those who are scared of heights

This is one well I did not make a wish on

Make a little birds nest in your, um, Medieval fireplace?

Enlarge this photo at your own risk

We then headed off to the small town of Rye for a stroll along Mermaid Street. The place could not have been more picturesque. Hah, there's a word I've not used yet. See for yourselves:

Can I live out here? Please?

I believe you mean Grammar Skool Records

I don't know why we don't drink more of this

Canterbury claims the pilgrims, fine. How the hell are you getting away with the Santa Maria?

This doesn't look like Triton's Kingdom

Can I interest you in more photos of half-timbered houses? No? Well bugger off then.

We had some lunch at the Ship Inn. They were running a bit behind because of an event upstairs so we took to a board game (Craig, forgive me for the choice in game) to pass the time. Some photos:

I suspect the "wifi" was added in the last few years

Mitt Romney was here?

Guess who is never sleeping again?

Ahh why are you here?!?!

Pear cider

These properties are *all* wrong. Where's Boardwalk? Marvin Gardens?

Fish pie...can pass on that prawn though

A little more time in Rye and it was back to home:

At first I thought this said "needless passage"


I, too, am a purveyor of high class meat

Fancy a cock? What? I'm English.

Might I introduce you to the King's Head in Salisbury?

At least they are straight about what they sell

They say he's a bear. I say he's a beaver. Bear? Beaver? You decide!

Dinner turned into a bit of a fiasco. Bob was making his chili when, after six years of good service, the pot lid exploded. Apparently the chili is just that hot? Thankfully Bob had some rice and some beans and we combined them with some cilantro for a delicious impromptu dinner. 

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