Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Tourist] Day 38: Back to Canterbury

The original plan for Monday had called for a return trip to London to see the sights on the north side of the Thames. But the weather looked foul and I didn't have the will to make the trip. I hope I'll be back in London many times (I am, after all, 10000-something on the Arsenal season ticket list) so I'm not at all concerned about whether I'll see things there. Instead I requested a brief trip back to Canterbury to see the cathedral again.

This is the best introduction to any cathedral - seen from miles away, as it must have appeared to our ancestors, a towering monument to religion

The sky is a bit threatening at the moment

Can we add these around Sarasota for kicks?

I'd argue that whatever you see in the shape above, much like a Rorshach Test, says a lot about you. I see a health potion.

Red, white and blue is *still* up? What is this, America?

The cathedral was packed with German tourists, but was still impressive the second time around:

I really want to put in a horrible caption here but on the off chance there's a practicing member of the Church of England among my readers (cake or death?), I won't.

There are exactly two guest books in the world with a SNOWO signature. This is one of them. The other is in my house somewhere. Exactly one person other than myself knows what that means and I'm 100% sure she's not reading this trip report.

And tell that we were here

Hey, this church has a gift shop you have to walk through. Told you Walt was a visionary.

For a sort of pre-lunch deal we found a place that served cream tea. If you've never had clotted cream, jam and scones you've never lived. This nearly put me into a coma but was worth it:

The scene of the Great Cream Tea Massacre

Two scones and only ONE pot of clotted cream? No no, that won't due at all.

I don't actually like tea so I guess I had a cream hot chocolate?

This meal lead to a massive nap in the afternoon

Hey, for just 7 quid you can come see our wolf. Wolves are cool right? We also have, um, Tony what the hell else do we have here? A badger? Really? That's our second coolest animal? Can we even charge 7 pence for that? Fine, we'll put the stupid badger on the sign. Let's make sure we put a kid on there too. Yeah, we can pretend like he's having fun. A badger. What the hell?

Thai House: it neither serves Thai food nor sells Thai goods. Why does this exist?

We also finally found a gypsy tart. I'd been promised one of these (along with Bob's warning of its awfulness) since arriving in Kent. Every store had been out of them. We finally found one that had it in. I'm not going to say that it was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten, but it certainly was the most disgusting thing I've eaten on this trip. I'll stick to the cream tea thanks.

It's the worst thing ever made other than Chain Reaction

 In the afternoon one of Lucy's friends from uni arrived and we all had an amazing fish pie for dinner:

It's not much of a photo, but believe me you want some.

This had to be a record for most cream I've ever consumed in a day. Only on vacation, right?

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