Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Tourist] Day 37: Oh Fine, I'll Give You Some Modern History Too

By this point I'd seen quite a bit of Medieval (or earlier) English history, but not much in the 20th century. We fixed that problem today. We took a lengthy but scenic trip to one of Winston Churchill's estates. The ride, as always, was full of great visuals:

Can't get a much clearer demonstration of humankind's attempts at mastering  their surroundings

This is a really random overpass/bridge. None of the other ones look like this.

That car looks awfully familiar #TopGearReference

Seriously, just one factory? An unsightly blight on the village? Anything but more picturesque countryside!

Nope. I'm fucked. Quaint as far as the eye can see. 

For sale? You mean I can live in there? Score!
I have lots of photos of the grounds, but not any of the inside of the house as they banned them. Here are some shots of the ride there and the grounds:
Winston Churchill once looked out over these fields

Winston Churchill once looked out over these lakes

Winston Churchill once thought to himself "how much am I paying in upkeep for this damn place?!" 

I love to eat rhubarb. I'm not at all convinced I like looking at it, though.

Much of the food served in the on-site restaurant is grown on the grounds. I assume that does not extend to the fish.


Who's a schnauzer? Who's a schnauzer? You are! Also, get this damn German dog off Churhill's estate!

The closest I would get to taking photos. What? Are there some sort of intense state secrets inside Churchill's old house? Oh no, might people get to see photos of his paintings? The horror. Actually, that would be pretty horrible.

Winston Churchill used to, oh screw it no more captions until we're done with Churchill or I find something interesting to write about.

Who is up for a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill? I am! I am!

I am not, under any circumstances, now or any time hereafter going to comment on Winston Churhill's - or any other Churchill's - sweet box. The end.

Where is Mr. Toad?!

This is actually a Japanese tree. You can either tell by the marker, or by the man in pink pants furiously rubbing its roots. If you get that reference then maybe you ought to stop reading these trip reports for a day or two? Y'know, go outside, meet other people, take a break is all I'm saying.
The tour was quite nice, though I thought the grounds themselves the nicer. On emerging we decided as a group that we'd stop at the first country pub we came to. I vaguely remembered seeing the White Hart on the way in (thanks to its odious Spurs association) and that turned out to be where we got lunch.

Two inches from my side of the car. I think Bob was trying to tell me something.

#&@* Spurs. Food was good though.

Who do I have to kill to get a Pepsi around here?
They were almost completely booked with reservations; a good sign! I should have gone for the traditional Sunday roast but I really did not fancy a heavy dose of meat. Instead I opted for the pizza. As I've said at other times in this report, sometimes you just need a good pizza. And, as has been the case consistently in England, it delivered!
This family likes its cheese even more than I do - I did not think it possible but I am on board with it.

See. Salad. Healthy. Yay?

I've even got a salad on my pizza

After another pleasant ride home, we spent the evening enjoying a showing of Come Dine With Me - my new favorite English show. Add that to the rather lengthy list of English shows I already enjoy. I do often think I was born in the wrong country.

Dinner was again delicious, and it finished with Lucy's fruit meringue. I can absolutely get used to this idea of people cooking delicious meals for me every night!

Even better than it looks


  1. Hi! Awesome blog and trip report. I grew up in Scotland and you are making me miss pub grub!! Sunday roast is in order!

  2. Glad you are enjoying it. And to think - I had the pizza instead ;)